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ISSUE 190B, 难题

It has been so long since I last watched a movie. The last one I watched was X Men Origins: Wolverine and I guess that was more than 2 months ago.

Yesterday, went to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at Vivo, with someone rather unlikely: my mom. GV Max 1 is so big but there were no toilets inside the cinema. I had to endure an uncomfortable 2 hours, luckily the show was still ok and captivating at parts.

Just Saturday for no apparent reason, I suddenly thought of 林里嫔Cherie Lim on the way home and how now she got roles as old mother wolves and married women when ten years back she was always the lead actress or second lead in the role of a young attractive woman.

Would it have been a waste for people like her to leave TCS (then) when she was almost going to make it. She was almost knocking into the top 5 female artistes at one point in time. (there was a time only 5 people were voted).

And I remember Ann Kok, who also left when she was at her prime.

Would it have been a shame to make such a decision to leave at that point in time? Now to think about it, will there be regrets?

I am in no right person to discuss their cicumstances because I would never know why they left. But I think about myself and the circumstances pushing me to leave my school. I do sometimes have a quick fleeting thought of whether it is a good wise choice to leave the school after all prematurely. And I guess I will postpone the thought till next year.

Meanwhile Adrian has been boasting about his extravagent lifestyle and how Genting shares has allowed him to make clean thousands of dollars every alternate two days because he is a guru in share trading. He has also been telling me the upmarket things that he is buying such as his thousand dollar odd Prada bag.

One reason for his success is that he is really bold. If he should really make a huge loss, he remans undaunted and can try again. Well good for him, for he earns the high hundreds every day. (so much so that he can make 1 million in less than a year).

Am I losing the initial ability to do the same? I used to be bolder as a person, to be able to roam KL on my own, and go Genting on my own. Even my initial bets were bigger in the past.

Maybe I have reached a stage whereby my fear of failure has restricted my instinct to venture. There is really too much at stake when you accumulate more and more and I hope with this, I can find the courage to do something crazy like taking a few hundred and buy some soccer outcome.

And not think about the deadline I was to meet to redeem my house.